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Digital marketing is a dynamic process and involves strategies and techniques to promote products and services online. One of the key services is content creation, which involves developing engaging and informative content for your website, blog, and social media platforms. Quality content helps attract and retain customers, and ultimately drive sales and revenue catered to your audience.

Another important service is Digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns involve various tactics, such as paid media, SEO, and social media marketing, to reach and engage with target audiences. Paid media involves paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms, while SEO focuses on optimizing website content to improve its search engine rankings. Social media marketing leverages social media platforms to reach and engage with potential customers.

Branding is an essential component of digital marketing. Branding helps companies establish their unique identity and differentiate themselves from their competitors. It involves creating a brand voice and message, designing a brand logo and visual identity, and ensuring consistent messaging across all channels. Effective branding helps businesses build trust and loyalty with their customers and ultimately drive long-term success.

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Marketing strategy and planning is a critical component of any business’s success. It involves developing a comprehensive plan to identify and reach target customers, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales. A well-crafted marketing strategy and plan typically includes market research, competitive analysis, and customer segmentation to identify key target audiences.

This information is then used to develop a messaging and positioning strategy that highlights the company’s unique value proposition and sets it apart from competitors. The plan will also include tactics for executing the strategy, such as advertising, content marketing, social media, and other promotional activities, along with metrics for measuring success and adjusting to the plan as needed. Overall, a strong marketing strategy and plan is essential for businesses to effectively connect with customers and drive growth.

Website platforms

43% of todays websites are built with Wordpress and that number is growing every year, Wordpress is one of the many platforms that we work with. Its ease of customization makes Wordpress an easy choice for many businesses, we are experts on this platform offering you multiple customization with the latest techniques that will improve your site speed, ranking and ease of use. User interfece & experiece (UI/UX) are key for us when designing & developing a website.

Ghost & Craft CMS are also platforms like Wordpress that we offer, and not only these are great for headless CMS, Wordpress is now an option that we offer as a headless CMS.

Shopify & WooCommerce are two of the most popular platforms that we manage in-house, we have managed other e-commerce platforms like big commerce, Squarespace, WIX & others. Headless options are available.


In need of a datase for a web application? We've got you covered! Looking for more traditional MVC models with MySQL options are available. How about the more fluid approach No-SQL with NodeJS & MongoBD to build fast and responsive REST APIs.

Email Marketing

Looking for email marketing? We have multiple solutions, Mailchimp, Constant Contacts, Active Campaign & Hubspot options are available. We can manage your email marketing the right way! Custom email templates, email workflows, and much more.

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I am Brian Garcia, Founder & CEO, in my experience I have seen the need for budget friendly Digital Marketing, Branding, Paid Search, and websites that are professional and functional. That is why we are a creative agency to help those businesses that need a platform to grow. Here at Breakaway Dezigns we build a relationship with our customers to understand the core values of your business and build a unique experience like any other. Building a strong relationship with our agency helps us plan the best strategy that fits your needs.

We are a marketing agency in the OC area covering North & South, bringing the latest and greatest of technology into your business.

Family owned and located in the heart of Orange County.

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